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Of relationshi
ps and clogged toilets

The other day, G left the toilet clogged overnight. Now, okay, I should probably explain my living situation before I begin this tirade. I stay with 3 other people in a 3-bedroom apartment on the 6th floor. G and I share a room. Chuen Hwee's room is across the hall, and Nureen's room is to his right. CH and N are Year 4s from SMU, and they're lovely individuals. But lovely individuals don't always make for lovely housemates. If you have ever spoken to any Scandinavian teenager who's just moved out of her parents' home and into an apartment with her BFF, she can probably testify for how drastically your perceptions of a person change when you start living with them. The BFF quickly evolves into the most annoying person in the universe. (Which of course is great news for Mom. Your angsty adolescent has found a new worst enemy.) Sadly, this is very true. (Even sadder is that fact that if you speak to any Singaporean teenager, they'd probably laugh at the concept of moving... (more)

Wellness Scooper
Try Yogurt To Address Acne
If you don't wish to spend too much money on dermatological procedures at first or your skin irritates after using medications, is there any other ways to treat acne? When something doesn't produce satisfactory results especially after you have spent a lot of money and time, It is normal for you to feel. Do you think there are natural remedies to stop acne? This is an interesting commentary posted on about "Yogurt Could Be The Solution To Clearing Up Acne" that I tend to believe can benefit those who struggle with acne: One of the acne causes is inflammation. Yogurt contains high amount of probiotics, which can calm inflammation. Probiotics are friendly bacteria that are found naturally in the digestive tract and on the skin. Yogurt also prevents your skin from being too oily. Studies showed that after eating yogurt for 6 to 8 weeks, pimples were reduced among 75% of the subjects. This could indicate a connection between the bacteria in the... (more)

Thoughts of JM
membebel pasal kerja adalah hobi kite
Aku selalu rasa otak aku suka membebel. Yang buat aku rasa nak menulis. Tapi timing dia... hish. Time tengah drive. Time tengah mandi. Time naik LRT. Bila dah tenang-tenang depan laptop, entah mana semua bebelan tu pergi. Tapi lately rasa mostly apa yang otak aku fikir is more to career stuffs. Kadang-kadang penat dengar. Tapi tu lah... valid la jugak apa dia fikir. Untuk masa depan kot. Kadang-kadang rasa my attachment to the job, to the project, to the team is way too much. I should put a limit. Pagi-pagi bangun, tengok email. Baca morning report. Time dah start kerja tu okaylah, understandable. Petang balik while dalam kereta pun boleh pulak tengok2 email. Dah-dahlah tu Eira. Kalau weekend lagilah, memang time bangun pagi, tengah gegolek atas katil sambil mata tak betul2 bukak baca morning report. Sometimes aku rasa, I would do anything for the project. Tapi tu lah, we're not that knowledgeable as yet, so we could only helps on reporting stuff, getting signatures here and there,... (more)

Bits Middy's Life
In the coming years, if not sooner, social media will become a powerful tool that consumers will agressively use to influence business attributes & force companies into greater social responsibility - and, I suggest, move us towards a more sustainable practice of capitalism. - Simon Mainwaring

The Common Ills
Iraq snapshot
Iraq snapshot Thursday, October 23, 2014. Chaos and violence continue, the US government and the Turkish government clash, Mount Sinjar is not a White House success, and much more. Recep Tayyip Erdogan is the President of Turkey and he's in the news cycle. Hugh Naylor and Brian Murphy (Washington Post) report, "Turkey’s president sharpened criticism of U.S. airdrops to aid Syrian Kurdish fighters battling the Islamic State, but promised on Thursday that Kurdish reinforcements would soon arrive in the embattled border town of Kobane. [. . .] Erdogan also amplified his criticism of U.S. airdrops to help the Syrian Kurdish fighters, claiming it was blatant interference in Turkish affairs." In what may have been a retaliation for criticizing the White House publicly, David Cohen went on the attack against Turkey today. James Reinl (Rudaw) reports Treasury Undersecretary Cohen declared today that US sanctions will be... (more)

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